Chef Cariño Cortez-Haass

Chef Cariño Cortez is a third-generation foodie who grew up in the restaurant business. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Accounting, Cariño pursued a culinary arts degree from the Culinary Institute of America to pursue her love of comida. 

She spent her externship working in New York City three-Michelin-starred restaurant, Jean Georges, later going on to study authentic Mexican food in Chicago under Rick Bayless. At the Michelin-starred restaurant, Topolobampo, she worked as a lead line cook under Chef de Cuisine Andres Padilla, and was able to hone her culinary skills on the restaurant’s monthly menu development team. 

She now lives in her home state of Texas to share her true passion for authentic Mexican cuisine and continue the family tradition with her family's restaurant business. 

Carino also keeps busy as a new mom to a baby girl and looks forward to the day when she can teach her how to properly pair tequilas with dinner.


Paloma Cortez

Paloma is a designer and art director living in Chicago. She loves taking on new creative projects and has worked for a variety of global and national clients, as well as small businesses. Her love of Tex-Mex food keeps her busy trying to find authentic Mexican restaurants in Chicago but what she  hopes for most, is for someone to open up a breakfast taco place in her neighborhood.

She also has an appreciation for Mexican design, textiles and accessories. Anything with bold patterns and bright colors will almost always find a place in her Lincoln Park apartment.