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Mexi-Modern is a passion project from two sisters, a chef and a graphic designer, who want to share and curate their love of Mexican food, design and culture with you. We grew up in San Antonio TX, pretty much the epicenter of Tex-Mex culture but it wasn't until we moved away from home that we began to appreciate our culture even more. We'll continue to post recipes, home designs and pretty much anything  that inspires us. Take a look around and hopefully we can inspire you too! 



Chocoflan is such a fun dessert and even though it’s nick named the impossible cake it’s actually a really simple preparation. Part of the fun of this dessert is that it has two distinct layers half chocolate cake and half flan so you get the best of both worlds!

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Mexico City Chilaquiles

Chilaquiles, the go-to brunch order at any Mexican restaurant, anywhere.  But making awesome chilaquiles doesn't have to be difficult to make in your own home. Impress your overnight guests or your hangover with this simple recipe!

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Pozole Rojo

In San Antonio, it’s been rainy all week and the temperature has even dropped below 50 degrees, Gasp! I used to live in Chicago, but now Ive fallen back to my roots and anything below 50 deserves some homemade soup. With all of my recipes I put on here, I show you the fast and short way to make an item, but keep the integrity of the dish.


Street Taco Party

Building my own taco bar is one of my favorite ways of entertaining. I always prefer casual over something too stuffy and informal.  Plus, everyone can customize their tacos to their own preferences, pretty much doing half the work for me!